Bachelorette Party Games, How To Get Attention, Interest, Fun and uniqueness in

I wanted to make this bachelorette party games page a complete guide to some of the widely known games played. The classical, as well as a few of my own creations for everybody to pick and chose from "buffé-style", on the basis of what you and your guests like, what kind of a party it would be and how long you play the bachelorette party games.

Here are some of the done party games kit for your convenience.

Male Stereotypes Game - The Best Bar Game

Pin The Hose On The Fireman Game

Ball Toss Game - Shoot Some Hoops

I've Never ... Bar Cards

Willy Whack-It Penis Pinata - Has Silly Faces

If you know which games you want



While the bachelorette party planning is all about the BIG PICTURE, the different areas of the bash however, are not. Organization equals a party that is without hitches from beginning to end. Though every party begins with writing and thinking, it is not always as easy as it would seem. Coming up with ideas for bachelorette party games isn't difficult, however, coming up with good ideas is.

Take out your favorite pen, grab a pad for keeping notes of activities and the overall "to do" list and let's begin. What does a professional list look like? What should be in it?

Do some research on the different bachelorette party games out there. Devide them into subsections (complicated-either for play or planning, type-for manners stile and class in which they are executed, exciting-for motivation, involvement and fun, time-for how long of a gameplay and last but not least db-for decibel as in loud, if you're planning a home party).

Take into account all the characteristics of each and every bachelorette party game, which should be uniquely suited for your party. That's where "knowing thy self" and thy neighbours is a strong quality to have when determining the nature of your bachelorette party games, how far you are willing to take it and how strong those bachelorette party games should be.

As for the neighbours, I find that for the most part, they don't mind if theres a hoopla every once in a while. It also helps the good ol' Public Relations (aka PR), if you ask them to join you. Or, if you don't want to invite them, at least tell them about it so there's no surprise when you crank up the volume. I generally find it easier just to invite them, because then they are in no position to voice their discontent if they are part of the "problem".


If you know that a particular guest or guests usually lose bachelorette party games and don't get the chance to win much often at those bachelorette party games, tournaments and competitions. Keep an extra eye on those guests and make special bachelorette party games just for these people to compete in, (with each other).

Make up tasks/bachelorette party games that will virtually guarantee a victory for each and every one of the participants (if they get cranky for losing). The group should only consist of folks that lost. Keep those who won out, so that the others have a chance to catch up.

The trick is to involve as many guests as possible to participate in the bachelorette party games, by giving them something to desire if they win. When you play the bachelorette party games, you always need some sort of prize, to properly motivate your crowd to come forward and join the game.

For those who know they always loose at bachelorette party games (As I so vigorously like to call them: Motivationally challenged, as you might have noticed I just love to make up new words), might not want to play. In that case you simply pick those gals out of the lineup and tell them that they are chosen for this activity. It doesn't even have to be a bachelorette party game (it can be a lottery), just make sure they WIN something afterwards.

You can have party gifts/prizes for all of the girls in the crowd, no matter if they win or lose the competition, there is no last place in this game. The important thing to remember here is... TO HAVE FUN!

Make sure to hand out the winnings directly after the bachelorette party games are done, that way morale will continue to be high even afterwards. It's very important for people to have the prize in their hands, to see it and to touch it, for them to become properly motivated.

Proceeding with the celebrations and their self-confidence a bit higher then it was before. Don't think about the bachelorette party games as just a means to pass the time or make the night go faster. Think of your bachelorette party games as a crowd pleaser and something that gets all involved parties to feel good both mentally and physically. Feelings are sooo adictive and people love to have them, especially the good ones.

So, plan your bachelorette party games from the perspective to balance their winning/losing streak and establish equilibrium. Even if you don't know all of the people in this party, you can still find out who is not good at winning by observing the results.

[Party tip]

Never ever ask people directly to their face, or when in a crowd, if they are bad (if they want to tell you, they will tell you). Asking people this is just like confirming they are lousy before they even had the chance to play.

Doing so is a very unpleasant, because the person will feel embarrassed and might not want to join in. In addition to that, she'll lose her competitive instinct and once again have low self esteem which results in lesser fun. The psychology is that if you get pushed down often enough, you'll start believing the propaganda yourself. Observing is the key to good morale.

[/Party tip]

To boost morale even further, make sure that everybody that lost has the chance to win by having a few quick bachelorette party games and devide the crowd in small groups. Take the people who lost in each of the groups and let them play a bachelorette party game together.

Preserving the balance between good and bad players, keeping those who win a lot in one group and those who lost in the other.

If you have any questions and need to send an email, here's the way to contact us

I usually like to make up my own parties, trix and bachelorette party games, so this is no different...

Before we start with the bachelorette party games though, I feel that some advice is in order.

First of all, you need to appoint a leader/host who should see to, that everybody behaves and follows the rules. This doesn't have to be the hostess for the party, although she is the ideal candidate. If she doesn't want to, she can appoint someone she trust to fulfill the task instead.

Everything revolves around the stagette. To plan the bachelorette party games you have to know the bride-to-be as a person, what she likes/doesn't like, and adapt it after her taste. Don't go beyond her personality, if she's "calm at heart" and you choose a wild bachelorette party game that is "out of character" for her she might get uncomfortable.

And if you don't know what she likes, you can always ask.

Well at the party, go over the plans with the bachelorette so that both you and she agrees on how the party should proceed. There should be no doubt about how the bachelorette party games should be played and how far you are willing to take it.

Some people have different ideas on the meaning of "a good time" then others. Therefore, talking to each other during game activities is very important and sometimes VERY necessary. So for everybodys safety and to ensure a good time, you can agree on a safety word to use if things get out of hand.


The best thing with actually making your own games to use at the bachelorette bash is NOT that you can use the help of your girlfriends, but to take the time to talk, laugh, have fun and get to know ALL/most of the girls that are going to participate at the shindig. This is the TRUE ice breaker girls.

Although, I must admit that some people don't have the time to make and prepare things themselves and therefore have to BEGIN breaking the ice at the party.

I think this is the first website to actually encourage people to get into the bachelorette spirit and do something together as a group (not including the planning bit of course) BEFORE the actual event, but maybe it's just me :P.

OK, enough rambling, let's get down to business (or in this case, partying).

There are a few types of bachelorette party games that can be divided into categories. The types are: Classic/popular, Instant hit and Original

Categories: Draw/Cut outs, card games, board games, quests/dares and other/do it yourself/(unspecified).


Now, there are 2 TOC's, 1) is the TYPES TOC and 2) is the CATEGORIES TOC. You click the TOC nr 1 if you want to see ALL the general bachelorette party games that go under those 3 types. Which are not in any particular order.

The 2:nd TOC is if you want to find specific game categories. And the final (3:rd) TOC is for those people who know exactly what kind of party game they want.

There are 3 types of ratings/levels on the different games. Level ratings are from 0-10 (0 to 2=Low 3 to 5=Medium and 6 to 10=High). So those gals that feel they like a more conservative gameplay, should definitely check out the rating score of the respective games.

Those scores at the bottom tell you what you need to know in terms of their guest friendly and sexually oriented nature, for those gals who prefer a more quiet gameplay, so check it out before you pick your play. The "Noise level" score is for the in-door parties only (if you plan on having it in your house).


Let's start with the most popular, because these are the most sought-after bridal shower games.

Making bachelorette party games from scratch is often difficult. And finding original games, as well as the most popular, requires visiting a few websites. But some people have figured out a way to make this easy and painless, whilst having loads of fun! Go to the next page to find out how!